User-made Content

The concept of enabling user-made content is one of the most unique features of our project.

Very few games implement this, and we do not know of any within the crypto world, and we think this will significantly enrich our community!

We want to add the possibility for users to create custom items to be sold in-game. We will discuss this in more detail as the development of the game progresses, but as an example, imagine you want a custom clothes design that is not available in the game.

An artist will be able to create it and list it as a sellable item in the stores. Initially, this will only be available for designs. However, we envision that eventually all user will be able to create other things like music and even custom missions.

A proportion of the revenue from those items will be sent to the creators. We consider this to be a positive way to help artists generate an extra source of income while enjoying and benefiting the game.


The User-made Content is potentially an amazing feature of the game. However, it has some potential dangers, for example, it being poor quality, containing sexual or drugs related content, or even items that try to imitate exclusive rewards in-game.

To avoid this, we will implement a dashboard both in-game and on the website, where our users can vote to approve the content or not.

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