The Social mode

Social Mode will not be developed until PvP battle mode has successfully launched.

The social aspect is the third mode we will have available in our game. In the social environment that we will create, you will be able to see and interact with players from all over the world.

You will be able to talk and practice different activities with people, make new friends, and trade. You will even be able to watch trailers from EvoVerses announcements live all together in the cinema!

Keep in mind our game is not an MMO nor intends to be one. The game has a PvP mode for players to battle. It has a Story mode to play and discover the world and its lore, and the game also has the social mode, a city hub where you can interact with people.

In this city, you can also purchase a house and decorate it, visit your friend’s homes, do activities and friendly battles together.

The multiplayer

You will not be able to interact with players outside of the social city. This is to avoid being in a serious and important moments in the story and then having that moment ruined by some random players running around ruining your experience.

You will be able to invite friends to join the world with you. You will be able to explore the world while you chat, capture wild Evos together, and there may also be quests you will be able to undertake with one another.

Key quests, like the main story quests, will not be available in co-op mode, to avoid ruining the immersion of the player, but other quests may have the co-op mode enabled.

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