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Official EvoVerses Whitepaper
EvoVerses aims to forge the perfect fusion between DeFi and GameFi. To achieve this, our team is working in Unreal Engine 5 to create a game that mixes beautiful and realistic graphics with fun animated cartoons. The game revolves around mystical and fabulous creatures named Evos. In addition, our project will also include a set of decentralized finance tools and services.

What is the motivation to create this project?

Like many of you reading this, our team is made up of investors on different blockchains. Previously, we spent our time searching for new projects nearly every day! However, what we found is that while several projects are launched daily, most of them lack a fundamental core feature, this being the desire to reach people outside of the crypto community.
Think about this, the crypto community is significant, but obviously, it is not the entire world population. Consequently, there is a massive untapped market out there. However, our team acknowledges that these non-crypto people are unlikely to join any project if it is not appealing or easy to learn and use.
Starting in crypto is not easy. You need to learn lots of content, including how to use MetaMask or other wallets and how to avoid the numerous scams you will encounter on your crypto journey.
That is why our project exists: We intend to reach more people, especially non-crypto gamers, and introduce them to an awesome video game that is easy to understand and enjoy.

Tools and games

To support this objective, we must create several tools as well as the game itself. You may wonder why we are doing this when there is already a large amount of DeFi tools on the blockchain. The simple answer is that none of them can be customized by us. By creating our own set of DeFi tools, we can be sure we are able to customize them to fit our needs. It allows us to make them simpler and easier to use for new users who lack knowledge about crypto. We can then use these tools to provide services such as creating individual shops and so on, which we can then integrate inside the game. Put simply, these DeFi services, along with the game, will be a revolution in the GameFi world!

Intellectual Property

Since we are aiming so high, we know that we need to grow to several blockchains and to reach lots of new users. To do this, we aim to raise a sizeable, passionate community and fanbase around the Evos and the entire Evo-verse. To help achieve that, we will develop recognizable characters, music, settings, and stories that will intertwine to create a valuable piece of intellectual property (IP). Furthermore, having an engaging IP will allow us to expand the EvoVerses brand into other mediums to reach a broader non-core crypto audience and to acquire new non-crypto fans, which will potentially help to increase the community quickly.
You can read more about our IP Vision here.
To summarize, we like to think of this whitepaper as being one of the very first steps to awakening sleeping giant. We understand and appreciate that it will be a long and ambitious journey, but we are absolutely committed to showcasing the fantastic world of EvoVerses. We pledge to continue developing the game, the story, and new financial tools. Consequently, that means this is not a final version, this is a live whitepaper! It will continue growing, just like us. Welcome to EvoVerses, Evo Trainers!
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