What blockchain is EvoVerses on?

Avalanche is our home, and we have plans to keep it that way. However that doesn't mean blockchain expansion is out of the question.

What platforms will the game support?

EvoVerses will be playable on a desktop and mobile app as well as an accompanying website.

Will the game look as good as the images released?

The game may even look better since we will focus on tweaking little details to improve the graphics quality once we approach the launch.

To have better performance on the mobile app some graphics may appear worse than the current renderings. This is because the textures and model’s details will have to be reduced for the benefit of smaller application size and better performance. The mobile version will still look amazing!

How many types of Evos are there?

In the first generation, we will have 12 types. We will release more info about them as we approach the Evo release, but these are the 12 initial types:

Will players be able to pick a starter?

Until we are closer to launching the Story mode, we cannot reveal a lot yet, but we have researched a lot, and we know one of the issues with a lot of gamefi projects is the barrier of entry. We are planning on including a free way to enjoy our game. You will be able to choose between using your purchased Evos to play or using free Evos you will earn by playing the story mode (like at the beginning of selecting your starter). But you must know that using a free Evo will limit you in lots of ways like you will not earn lots of rewards, you will not be able to trade them, you will not be able to evolve them, and they will be level capped. So, it is just a way to help new players try and test before purchasing an Evo, but to progress in the game, we strongly recommend a good team of Evos.

Will the project have an audit for the smart contracts?

Yeah, for sure. The games smart contracts, since they are 100% done by us, they will be audited before releasing the game and released on GitHub so that anyone can view them.

Since it will be a game, will there be a storyline or much more like a repetitive PvE / PvP style?

We will have a PvP and PvE mode and both modes will have lore. The PvP mode's purpose is to become the very best trainer in the world. But if you want to discover the reasons behind the Evos, the politics, religions, and the NPCs in the world. I strongly recommend you play the story mode. It is a remarkable story created by @EVO | Eden!

How many Evos will we see at the launch? Will this number grow over time?

At that time there are 68 phase 1 Evos available. Once we launch the Story mode, you will be able to evolve your Evos, thus unlocking more Evos. There will be a total of around 120-160 Evos in the first generation.

Our story mode will be in Seasons, and each Season means a new region, new map, and a new generation of Evos. Each Season will be around 6-9 months. As the launch of Evos grows closer more information will be available.

Will all Evos have around the same power level, or will the rarer ones be stronger?

Yeah, there will be stronger Evos, and even the same Evo, since they have different stats could be stronger or weaker. But probably your questions go towards if there will be something like "legendaries". The short answer is yes. The long answer is also yes, but we have kept that in mind to avoid making the game unfair and Pay-to-Win but still rewarding users supporting us by buying and breeding.

Will the fights be 1v1, or will we build a team of 6? In that case, will we have to mint lots of Evos, or will we have other ways to earn our loved Evos?

The fights will be with a maximum of 6 Evos, but you don't need to have 6 Evos.

There may be other ways to obtain Evos, like hiring them from another player. Still, you also will have some free Evos to use. Remember you won't be able to evolve, trade, and gain a lot with them, they are like a test version to try the game for free and start building your way into EvoVerses.

Will we have to use the MetaMask browser to run the game on mobile?

No, we are using a better system to make it easier for non-crypto gamers. On the desktop or website, you will set some funds as “in-game funds”, so you will send them from your wallet to a smart contract.

Then in the mobile game, you play like a regular game, but transactions are done automatically by the server on API calls by using the funds locked in your in-game smart contract .

Later on, you can go to the desktop or website to claim your locked in-game funds plus the rewards you won and move them to your MetaMask wallet to use wherever you want.

We are crypto enthusiasts, and even for us, sometimes crypto is complicated. But our goal is to reach gamers, even non-crypto gamers. So for them, this must be exactly like any other games but with some extra things, like crypto. To ensure this we will simplify everything on the client-side, so everything is smooth and easy for players!

Will there be any implementation stats similar to IVs and EVs?

Yes they will. They do not have those names, nor are they exactly the same, but they exist, and people who understand how they work will be able to battle better than anyone. Making it possible to defeat Evos that otherwise, you would not think is possible! We will release full info about this once we release the EvoPedia, before the Evo sale!

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