How to link your wallet to an EvoVerses account

This page needs updating and is NOT current

  • First, go to

  • Then click on the create account button.

  • Type in your preferred username, and then select your choice of social login - don't worry you can link more than one once created

  • Once your profile is created you can then link your wallet, view your liquidity details, and view your Evo, Trainer, and other in game assets.

Using your EvoVerses account gives you lots of extra functions in our project; on other pages of the whitepaper you can find way more detailed info about them but to name a few:

  • It allows you to play the game

  • It allows you to not pay gas fees in any in-game transaction (thanks to our batching technology)

  • It allows you to play from any computer or smartphone, without having to install MetaMask or any other system to access your wallet.

  • It allows you to use the multiplayer functions in the game and the gamified website.

  • It allows you to customize your character (in-game and also on the gamified website).

  • It allows you to sync your progress between devices.

  • And much more!

Do you have any access or control over my wallet?

Absolutely not! This process only registers a new user with your provided e-mail and password and stores your given wallet address linked to that account, so we know that any transaction to and from that account is done by that EvoVerses account. We don't have any access, control, or keys from your account.

This is really important: Don't register to account on any other page that is not added here, nor give any seed phrase, private key, or any other data. EvoVerses team and our linking system won't ask you for any data besides the wallet address! Don't fall for scams!

Without creating your EvoVerses account and linking your wallet, you won't be able to play the game.

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