EVO Token

EVO is our power token. EVO is the core of EvoVerses and will allow our players to have a utility filled token.
Avalanche Token Address: 0x42006Ab57701251B580bDFc24778C43c9ff589A1
With certain EVO transactions, fees are accrued and the proceeds are divided into the following allocations: some EVO is deposited in the Director to reward xEVO holders, some EVO is sent to the community treasury (returning to the players as Evo work rewards), and some EVO is used for development costs to continue being able to develop EvoVerses.

Ways to get EVO

  • By purchasing it from a DEX
  • In tournaments as prizes
  • Earned from PvP matches
  • At the end of the PvP season, as rewards according to your rank
  • Earned in a few special in-game missions
  • Staking liquidity into the Investor
  • Selling Evos on the marketplace
  • Staking tokens in the Bank
  • Joining the Validation Support Program

Ways to use EVO

  • Purchases
    • NFTs
    • In-game businesses, lands and houses
  • Breeding
  • Staking in the Bank to earn fee sharing rewards
  • Staking in liquidity pools to earn emissions
  • Purchasing exclusive tournament tickets
  • To unlock priority access to new features (by having staked some amount in the Bank)

Token Info

EVO will only ever exist natively on the Avalanche blockchain. It will, however, be bridgeable to other chains if expansion occurs.
Avalanche Explorer:
Contract Source Code:
If you want to check all the contracts in all the bridged chains you can check our GitHub here:

Token Distribution

EVO will be unlocked in a pre-determined schedule. The initial circulating supply is 76,000,000 EVO or 12.67% of the total supply.
Token Use
Total Supply
EvoVerses fund (for play to earn, partnerships and investment)
Locked: issuance starts in Q2-Q3 2022
Staking Rewards
Locked: issuance starts in Q2 2022
Ecosystem Fund (for marketing and extra rewards)
Vested for 36 months, it will be secured in a MultiSig wallet with community members
Team fund (for paying the team and support the project)
Vested for 36 months, it will be secured in a MultiSig wallet with community members
Advisors fund
Locked - It will be secured in a MultiSig wallet
Bounty Rewards
Locked - If in a year it's not necessary, it will be reallocated into the P2E Reward player pool
Launchpad Sale
100 % Unlocked once the Launchpad Sale end, so it can be staked in our website for even more rewards
Initial Liquidity
Once added to the liquidity pool, locked for 1 year. We will pair $EVO with $ONE in our FoxSwap DEX.
Private Sale (for seed funding)
Vested for 9 months. Release per Harmony Epochs
Total amount
The Play to Earn and Ecosystem fund allocations won't be issued until further expansions.

EVO Hard Cap

The EVO token has a hard cap of 600,000,000 tokens.

Pre-minting Allocations

The 76,000,000 EVO tokens pre-minted were allocated as follows:
  • 17,000,000 EVO: Allocated for the private sale for seed funding to cover development costs. This was allocated as vEVO with a 9 month vesting period.
  • 30,000,000 EVO: Allocated for the launchpad sale. The launch was hosted by UniteFinance and the initial price (backed by ONE) was $0.018 / $0.02 for the private / public pools respectively.
  • 25,000,000 EVO: Allocated for the initial liquidity. These tokens will be matched with ONE tokens to form the initial liquidity pool and will not be withdrawn or sold (they will be time-locked for one year for extra safety).
  • 2,000,000 EVO: Allocated for marketing, airdrops, and giveaways.
  • 1,000,000 EVO: Allocated for payments for the team and collaborators, they will be in a multi-sig wallet
  • 1,000,000 EVO: Allocated for bounties and hours for the founding team based on their work towards launch.