This functionality is speculative future development pending successful release of earlier stages.

In the Story, you will be able to find that even in the EvoVerses world, there are a few teams. You can choose to join one of them.

This will allow you to do some extra things in-game:

Story Mode

You will unlock new quests, full of new NPCs, stories, and rewards. Also, you will progress in the team, discovering more about its lore and gaining more and more reputation around the world.

PvP Mode

You will be able to participate in team fights. In special tournaments, special modes, and even in a global leaderboard where every team will rank and the team with the better score at the end of the season will get really interesting rewards and perks, both in the Story and PvP mode.

Social Mode

You will be able to show your team, rank, and meet members of yours and other teams. You can even enter the exclusive building of your team in the city and if you rank high enough in your team, you will get a small room that you can even decorate there.

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