IP Vision

This is future development not planned until after release of PVP

One of our main objectives is to grow both in the crypto world and in the gaming world. You have already read about the services we plan to offer and the chains we are going to support.

On the gaming side, aside from the game, we plan to build a big and passionate community around the EvoVerses lore by developing recognizable characters, music, settings, stories, and even the game style.

An engaging IP will also allow us to expand EvoVerses to other multimedia types thus reaching a broader non-core crypto audience.


One of our objectives is to develop a multimedia franchise. We have awesome lore and are incredibly rich-in-content world that could be used in games but also in other kinds of content like comics, animes, and even in other games.

The first three pieces of content in this business branch will be:

  • A series of comics relating the story of EvoVerses a few years before the player starts in the world

  • A webtoon series to animate those comics

  • A monthly magazine we will publish to enrich the story and lore of the Story mode


Aside from creating content, we have plans to incentivize the creation of content related to our IP by fans, like fan series, comics, NFTs, games... by providing grants and other kinds of support to content creators.

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