The Story mode

Story Mode will not be developed until PvP battle mode has successfully launched.

We think that the story mode will be one of the most interesting selling points of the project. There are very few games on any blockchain with any real lore, where players can discover a living world.

By playing this mode you will discover lots of stories, locations, NPCs, and creatures in the world. You will be able to play different missions to earn different rewards like titles, clothes, items, cosmetics, and tokens. You can also learn about mysteries in EvoVerses, including details of their religions and politics for example.

Evos and Series

At the beginning of the project, we will have 68 different phase 1 Evos. If we also count their evolutions, this number will reach around 100-120 different creatures in the first generation.

But it doesn't mean we won't release more. Let's talk about it.

Seasons and regions

Just like in the PvP mode where we have different seasons, in the Story mode, we will also have seasons.

Each Season will be around 6-9 months duration due to the technical time it takes to develop them. Once a new season is released it will include a new map, new quests, new NPCs, and even a new generation of Evos.

During each season, we will be releasing the core story events in chapters. For example, when we release the first season of the story mode, we will release the first two chapters of that season. As the weeks go by, we will be releasing new chapters, which will hopefully keep players engaged with our content!


Sometimes, due to story events, special and powerful Evos could appear in the world. In those events, players must unite to fight together to defeat the creature. Those battles will be extremely difficult but at the same time extremely rewarding and epic to watch making it a good event for a content creator.

To join these raids, most of the time you will need to obtain raid tickets. Those raid tickets are tradeable, and you can also get them as rewards in PvP and Story modes.

Seasonal Events

We are going to create several special events with their own stories, NPCs, and quests for special events like Christmas, Halloween, etc. Events are not called like that in-game, but coincidentally they happen on the same dates!

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