Business Overview

The current EvoVerses Executive Team took over in August 2023 following a period of development inactivity - due in large part to the bear market and resulting lack of funds - with a plan to bring the project back to life, and spurred on by the impending shutdown of Boba on Avalanche.

Management Philosophy

Our philosophy in running the project going forward will be to operate as a commercial entity. A company will be established in a suitable jurisdiction with the executive team as major shareholders and original founders retaining a minor share in the business.

As new owners, we will be working hard to make this project a success, and deliver a game that users will enjoy for a long time to come.

We aim to be transparent and honest with our customers to ensure trust is built and maintained across the project.


As a leadership team we bring an experience mix of bleeding edge technical development, gaming and crypto marketing, and real world contract, project, and general management. We play off each others strengths and work well together to drive the project forward.

Development Roles

A significant number of people have already contributed heavily into the EvoVerses project and we will continue to need developers to work on all aspects of the game. Currently (AUG2023), project funds are still very low and possibilities for direct employment are limited, but we are still building and we encourage anyone interested in contributing to the project to get in touch through discord. We'd also be pleased to talk about alternative payment arrangements as we move forward.

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