Our Game

The game will be separated into three main sections:

Each of those modes will be aimed at different playstyles, so anyone can enjoy the game. Before entering in detail about each of those modes what follows is a brief explanation of the game.

It is being developed using the famous game engine called Unreal Engine. In fact, we are using the latest version, Unreal Engine 5. That way we can use the latest technologies like Nanite or Lumen to get even better graphics with perfect performance even in low-end devices like old computers and smartphones.

Get a better glimpse of the gameplay to come with our newest trailer:

Platforms supported

We will run the game on desktop and mobile. On desktop, you will be able to play all the game modes and on mobile, you will be able to play the PvP mode.

That restriction on mobile is due to smartphones not having enough space to install all the assets to run the other modes. The supported mobile platforms will be iOS and Android.


We have had lots of questions if the images we are sharing in our Discord are in-game pictures or just renders.

The answer is they are in-game images. Those are dev scenes we build to test and try different features. So yes, you will get the same graphics when you play the game. Maybe even better because we will optimize graphics and use post-processing effects once we are closer to launching those modes.

On mobile, you will probably have worse graphics since mobile devices are not that powerful and also because we will have to reduce the quality of models and textures, so your device has enough space to install the game. But we will make sure that the game will still look amazing even on mobile devices!

MetaMask on mobile

One recurring question we are having is if we will use MetaMask browser on mobile to allow our mobile game to interact with the blockchain.

And the answer is no, we are using a better system, at least to make it easier for non-crypto gamers. On the desktop or website, you will set some funds as “in-game funds” so you will send them from your wallet to a smart contract.

Then in the mobile game, you will be able to use the app like a normal game with transactions being done automatically by the server on API calls by using the funds locked in your in-game smart contract.

Later, you can go to the desktop or website to move your locked in-game funds to your MetaMask wallet, to use it in our financial services, or wherever you want.

We are crypto enthusiasts and even for us, sometimes crypto is complicated. But our goal is to reach gamers, even non-crypto gamers. So, for them, this must be exactly like any other games but with some extra things, like crypto. So, we are going to simplify everything on the client-side so for players everything is smooth and easy!

We have made progress with a German based security team in order to secure the funds in your in-game wallet as well as to secure the contracts that interact with those wallets.

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