Short Term (Q1 - Q2 2022)

πŸ“’ Announce EvoVerses βœ…
  • 𝍌 Publish the landing page - βœ…
  • 🧾 Launch the whitepaper v1 - βœ…
πŸŒ€ Launch Governance Token βœ…
  • Launch our governance token (EVO) - βœ…
  • Introduce cEVO - βœ…
  • Introduce xEVO - βœ…
πŸ”„ Tools and DeFi Features βœ…
  • Enable liquidity staking - βœ…
  • xEVO fee rewards - βœ…
πŸ–₯ Professional UI
  • Launch the non gamified version of the UI, with more tools, perfect for users more into DeFi, with charts and extra options
πŸ“ˆ Marketing and growth
  • Partner with prominent figures in the community to reach a bigger audience for the project
  • Celebrate some giveaways and contests on social media to grow our communities and fan-base
πŸ§‘β€πŸ¦° NFT Avatars
  • NFT Avatar Accessories

Medium Term (Q3-Q4 2022)

πŸ“š EvoPedia
  • Build the EvoPedia, the official website where one can find info about each Evo and its lore
  • Launch the EvoPedia
πŸ‘Ύ Evos
  • Launch the marketplace section in the website, where users will be able to purchase, sell, rent, and trade their Evos, businesses, lands, and items
  • Minting of Gen-0 Evos - βœ…
  • Launch the breeding UI in the website
βš”οΈ PvP Mode
  • Launch the beta for the PvP mode both on desktop and mobile
  • Launch PvP Season 1
πŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎ Evo Jobs
  • Launch the UI to send your Evos to work. There will be two types of jobs, temporary and long-term work. It will generate extra rewards passively based on the type and stats of the Evo according to the work on progress, plus some additional features in-game
β€‹πŸ““ Portfolio Tracker
  • Launch a website so that one can play, invest, and earn with the security of knowing the status of their investments
🎬 Evo Comics
  • Start building the IP of EvoVerses by releasing media content like comics telling the story of the world and its creatures; that way, we can "educate" the players with the lore even before releasing the story mode
πŸ“½οΈ Webtoon
  • Launch the first chapter of the webtoon on different media platforms
βœ”οΈ Lands and businesses
  • Launch the businesses marketplace integration
  • Launch the lands marketplace integration
πŸ—ΊοΈ Story mode
  • Launch the houses marketplace integration
  • Launch the items, cosmetics, and furniture marketplace integration
  • Launch the first two chapters of Season 1 from the Story mode
πŸ“ˆ Marketing and growth
  • Partner with YouTubers and Streamers to showcase the game to non-crypto gamers, showing them how easy it is to join and play
🌐 Decentralized Governance
  • Create structure and systems for decentralized voting and governance
β€‹πŸ« EvoAcademy
  • Launch an academy that will educate users about crypto. Including how to create a wallet or teaching important crypto terminology
β€‹πŸ—Ή Validator Support Program
  • Launch a program to reward the users delegating to small validators with our own token

Long Term (Q1 2023+)

πŸ”— Multichain
  • Launch Lending platform in Polygon
  • Create a poll to choose on which blockchain to launch after
  • Build the bridging solution for tokens and NFTs
πŸ’° Additional DeFi services
  • Introduce additional DeFi services through either new projects or partnerships
πŸ“Ί Anime
  • Create a pilot episode and season of an EvoVerses anime series based on the comics published
  • Create gameplay systems where players can win the chance for their NFT to appear in the anime plot
⛏️ Advanced Fanbase Mining
  • Distribute token incentives for viewers of EvoVerses IP products like our webtoon or anime
🎨 User-made Content
  • Add support for user-made content creation
  • Add community moderation for the user-made content created
πŸš€ More Games
  • Once we have grown enough, we have plans for more games based on our lore and Evos
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