How to migrate from Harmony to Avalanche

How to break your LP tokens
1. Withdraw your EVO/ONE and/or EVO/USDC LP tokens from the farming pool at the Investor.
2. To break the EVO/ONE pair got to FoxSwap, click manage then remove liquidity from EVO/ONE. To break the EVO/USDC pair go to SushiSwap, click on manage then remove liquidity from EVO/USDC.
How to migrate your tokens to the Avalanche Network
Important note for vEVO holders: you have to migrate all of your vEVO tokens at once.
1. Change your network to the Harmony Mainnet or an RPC of your choice.
2. Go back to the beta site and leave the bank through the door in the bottom left corner.
3. Click on Migration Mike on the bench and click ‘Migrate’ next to the token you want to migrate.
4. Approve and Accept (2 pop-ups) the transaction in Metamask.
5. Once the transaction completes your tokens have been bridged.
You have to repeat the process for every EVO variant separately.