The Arcade

Behind that innocent name, is one of the most profitable businesses in the EvoVerses world. Everyone knows the Arcade building is just a facade to hide the true business happening there: the renting, sponsoring, and auctioning Evos!


In this building, you will be able to rent Evos to breed with your Evo. In hopes of breeding for better stats and other nice perks. For a price!


You will be able also to sponsor or be sponsored The Arcade. What does that mean?

Being a sponsor

Imagine you have lots of strong Evos, but you don't have time to battle with them and rank high in the PvP ladder. You will be losing the opportunity of earning juicy rewards in the form of tokens, items, and more!
So, what can you do? You can offer your strongest Evos to sponsor other players and you will earn a percentage of the profits they will earn by winning with your Evos! It is a really nice way to get passive income from your Evos.

Being sponsored

Imagine you are one of the best PvP players, but you can't afford to buy that Evo being sold right now with the perfect stats for your team. But you know that if you could get that Evo, you would probably be the best player in the world.
What can you do in this case? Try to be sponsored. You can go to The Arcade and look for the Evos being offered. Then you will submit a request with your conditions (like getting that Evo for 3 weeks and sharing with the sponsor the 50% of the benefits achieved with the lent Evo). Once you submit your request, the sponsor will get an alert and will be able to examine your profile: your rank, your win/loss percentage, stats about your performance, and your conditions. If both of you agree with the proposed terms, the transaction will be approved and the Evo will be automatically lent to the sponsored player and automatically, the profits generated with the sponsored Evo will be shared between both parties. Once the sponsorship ends, the Evo will be returned to the sponsor.
All of this without having you manage anything! So, there is no way to be scammed by either party since the system will handle everything.


If you feel like you have an especially beautiful or strong Evo; or if you just want to try to get the best price possible you can put your Evo up for auction instead of setting a fixed price and putting it up for sale in the marketplace.
Then the users will be able to see the auction as well as all the details about your Evo and then they will be able to bid on your Evo
After enough time has passed, the auction will end, and the Evo will go automatically to its new owner and you will receive your payment of EVO!