Meet the Team

This page is a work in progress and will continuously be updated as new information is gathered
This section is comprised of descriptions of all the members on the EvoVerses team!


Alevo - One of the founders, people say he never sleeps. He is one of the coders in the team since he has been coding professionally for almost 8 years and many more just for fun! He is also always talking in Discord, for some reason.
Eden - She makes EvoVerses what it is, by blending its reality and forging the world with her words. She is the one who writes the EvoVerses lore and imagines every character and quest happening there.
Eric - The analytics man. He is the one balancing everything in the project, from Evo stats to tokenomics. He has been building fan-made Pokemon games for a long while, with a few really famous games in the Spanish community!
Evolucen - The one who helps to make this project a reality. Always there to coordinate the team, he is the one making sure everyone has their tasks set and every milestone of the week is achieved. He is also a 3D artists specialized in environments so part of the EvoVerses world is created by him.

Mod Team

Yoske - I am an avid crypto enthusiast active for over 2 years in the Harmony Community. I love Harmony and the ecosystem we have, and so I have spent my time here helping many projects to moderate and organize events! My goal for EvoVerses is to keep helping new users find the information they need, and to help onboard and teach new users to use our dApps.
Anaedump - Enthusiastic about Crypto and Loves Carcoid.
Valianx - I am one of the Telegram Moderators of EvoVerses. I am your friendly, overly excited neighborhood Evonatic's Moderator. Here to assist you!
Elaina - I'm here as a member of the team to help those in need and take care of the community. I have a lot of previous experience as a discord moderator, and love to help people!
Dayfighter - Hey I'm Paul, 26 years old and I'm a Dutch crypto enthusiast for a year now. Just over a year ago I realized the standard 9-5 job is not the life I want, so I started looking for other ways to make a living. I got interested in crypto and somebody I know gave me the idea to start with affiliate marketing. I combined those two, resulting in my own Dutch website about crypto. The website and the Evoverses community made me realize I love to help out other people with any questions they might have, and dig deep to know everything about the project. Let’s make Evoverses a great success together!
MicKi - I am a full time dad living in Hong Kong. I speak Spanish, Catalan, English, Portuguese, Italian and Bhs Indonesias. If you don't see me online I'm probably surfing. I'm always up for a wordle challenge if you think you can beat me!

Development Team

DirtyCajunRice - Lead Solidity/Web3 Developer by day; Crypto enthusiast by night. Creator of multiple successful projects on GitHub for the open source community, with one currently over 500 million docker pulls. Experienced in a bevvy of coding languages, bleeding-edge cloud computing / automation / orchestration, networking, people management, and public relations. Former Electronic Arts Site Reliability Engineer.
Ezequieldecu - My name is Ezequiel, I am 26 years old and I am from Argentina. I am an industrial engineer and full stack developer. I work on several projects as a frontend developer. I hope to continue growing as a professional and learning a lot. I love soccer, I'm a fan of Boca Juniors. I'm looking forward to the World Cup, I think Argentina can do very well. I am very excited to be part of this project, I hope I can contribute a lot.

Marketing Team

Domwaut - Hi I am currently a student with a passion for crypto and its community. I am excited to be apart of the team and to be filling the role I currently have! Love all of the community!
Derg - Hi all! I’m Derg and I’m a marketing specialist originally from the UK. I’ve worked with some fantastic British NGOs and startups growing and maintaining their communities. I’m super excited to join this great team as we build together. DMs always open, and make sure you are following EvoVerses on Twitter!

Art Team

articthefoxwing - Hello! I'm Arctic, a 2D and 3D artist for Evoverses! I've been pursuing art 2D artwork for years and took up on 3D modelling after working for the Minecraft mod Pixelmon Reforged for 2 years. After wanting to pursue game development for years, I'm more than happy to be achieving what we are with Evoverses :)
Gonpachiro - Hi y'all, my name is Gonpachiro and I work in Evoverses as a character artist. I have experience working as a 3D artist on some games and a couple short films. I am currently working hard with the team to build some sick looking Evo creatures. I hope you guys enjoy my art and have a great time playing the game once its released.
Masquarade - Like many others on the team, I started with modelling and animating for the Pixelmon mod for Minecraft. It brought me into the world of Game Development, so I started making indie games. Originally I joined EvoVerses as a 3D artist, but am now working mainly on the game itself, coding game logic and creating visual - and sound effects for moves.
Kiska - I've been a hobby 2D artist for years now. After being convinced to join the team, I got the opportunity to learn what it means to work with a large, creative team on a great and promising project. Now I have fun designing cute little Evos like Kitsul and seeing them come alive and receive love from the community!
xanderindalzone - Hi, I'm xanderindalzone, or xander for short. My main work here is animating, specially the Evos, along side with my team mate Masquarade, but if needed I can also help with 3D modeling. I learned 3D modeling and animation during university and before working in EvoVerses I worked with the PixelmonMod team, years later for the DragonFire Mod, and I also worked as a freelancer.
Gianmarco - I am a student in Computer Science and self taught 3D artist. I have always loved traditional drawing and I discovered the world of 3D modeling in 2016, since that day I have never stopped making any kind of 3D models. I currently work as a 3D artist on commission.
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