Our team is comprised of people with varying levels of seniority. We know launching a game is a big task and launching a crypto-game with lots of DeFi tools is an even larger task, so even with our incredible team, we will be continuing to grow.
We are building a better graphic to display our current workers and even the freelancers we have hired, to better display the "hierarchy" and organization. Meanwhile, we will share here some of the related questions done by the community.
Will the team be doxxed in the future?
Yes, we have plans for it. Although anonymous teams are capable of great things, it is true that lately, lots of shady teams are maintaining an anonymous status to do lots of wicked things. And since our objective is to be fully transparent with our users, we will doxx ourselves eventually.
Have you already deployed projects in the past?
No, we are a young team. Some have little experience, others have been working as freelancers or in companies for several years, but none of us has released a crypto project until now. However, some of us have worked on successful projects in the gaming space so we have a lot of experience in our niche.
Will you be open soon to new positions?
Yes, we will always be looking for new people to hire! As the project grows our team will need to grow along side it. So that means as we continue to expand, we will be looking to you, the community, to fills the roles we need. Whether it be developers, moderators, artists, or marketers. We will have a channel in our Discord with all the open positions.
Where is the team based?
We are an international team, with people from USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, and many other countries!
How did the team meet?
Two of the founders and one of the artists have been close friends since they were in school, once life made them go their separate ways, they kept the contact and finally decided to start this project. The rest of the starting team members were people they met during their professional careers, people they liked, and thought would be perfect for a project like this one. To this day the team continues to grow through personal connections and discord!