How to send AVAX to Boba?

If you want to trade with Evos or play in the game, you will need to have some Boba tokens since they are used for paying gas fees. And to get Boba tokens, you need some AVAX in the Boba Network.
This is optional but if you want to know more about why we are using the Boba L2 for some of our functions, you can read our official announcement here:
In this guide, we will guide you to get some AVAX tokens on Boba, are you ready?

1. Make sure you have some AVAX tokens in the Avalanche C-Chain

There are lots of guides and videotutorials on the Internet about that so feel free to search for one you like. If you are lazy and want some quick link, you can follow this guide:

2. Bridge some AVAX to Boba Network

Go to and connect you wallet (just click the "Connect wallet" blue button there).
You will see something like this:
Bridging tokens from Avalanche to Boba Network
Bridging tokens from Avalanche to Boba Network
As you can see you can move lots of different tokens from Avalanche to Boba. In our current guide we will move only AVAX but feel free to move others!
You will see there your AVAX token. Click on "Bridge to L2" or "Fast bridge to L2" buttons. Usually I would recommend using the "Fast bridge to L2" option unless it says it is not available.
No matter which option you choose, you will see this window:
Enter there the amount of AVAX tokens you want to send to Boba and click on the bridge button. MetaMask will popup.
Just follow their indications and after a while you will find you AVAX tokens in the Boba Network!
Are you wondering how to add the Boba Network to your MetaMask? You can do it in just two steps by following this guide!