How to buy Evos (the creatures)?

1. Go to our website!

Navigate in your browser to
You will see something like this:
The bank building inside the gamified EvoVerses website

2. Go outside of the bank

You can move by using arrow keys or WASD (just like in a game) or also by clicking (or in case you are on mobile, by touching) any area of the screen.
Since you are inside the bank building and the Evos are traded in the marketplace building, you will need to walk a little. Let's do it!
Do you see that big exit sign? Click on it to move there and exit the building!
The exit sign you have to click on

3. Walk to the Marketplace building

Now that you are outside, you will see something like this:
The outside of the bank
You will need to walk to your left (remember, just click where you want to go, it is that easy!). You are looking for a building called "Market".
Once you find it, just click on its door to enter!
In front of the Market building, ready to enter and trade some Evos!

4. Inside the Market building

Inside the Market building
Once you are in the Market building, you will see several places where you can interact (feel free to explore later!). Right now, the one you want to interact with is the guy called "Marketplace Miguel". Click on him!

5. Using the Marketplace

If you are not using the Boba network in your MetaMask wallet you will see the following message when opening the Marketplace:
Message you will see when trying to use the marketplace when not using the Boba network RPC
Don't worry! Since we support several chains (and more to come), some of our functions are available only in a few (for now). For example, our Evos are traded only in the Boba Network, which is a L2 of Avalanche.
I know, I know. Lots of weird words, like Boba, L2 and so on. Don't be afraid, you don't care about it (probably), let's just get rid of the message.
This is optional but if you want to know more about why we are using the Boba L2 for some of our functions, you can read our official announcement here:
Click on the button called "Switch to Boba?" and you will see a MetaMask popup open. Just follow the indications there and in a matter of seconds you will be in the Boba network.
The marketplace page will update automatically and you will see this:
In that little window, just click on the option you want to check right now. Let's say you want to buy some Evos to start playing (or breeding). Then, click in the "Buy" button.
The EvoVerses marketplace
There you go! Now you have all the Evos available, right in front of you. Feel free to play around, click on an Evo to view the details, buy a few, filter them based on the stats you are looking for... and remember, if you have any questions, we are always happy to help you in our Discord!