How to add Boba Network to MetaMask?

There are many ways but if you want a really fast and simple way, this is your guide!

1. Go to the Avalanche <> Boba bridge page

In case you don't know it, this is the URL:
The Avalanche <> Boba bridge website
The Avalanche <> Boba bridge website

2. Click in the Boba button

Do you see that black button called "Boba Avalanche Mainnet wallet"? Just click on it, it will try to switch your MetaMask to the Boba Network, and since you don't have the network added, it will prompt a window to add it!
Just follow the indications you will see in the MetaMask popup and in a few seconds you will have the Boba Network added!

Note: Switching back to Avalanche

Remember that if you want, you can switch back to the Avalanche network whenever you want. You can read a guide about that here: