The PvP

Our PvP Beta is now available! Head here to download and begin playing!
In game, there will be a competitive aspect to the PvP mode, where players fight with their Evos.
From these fights, players will earn EVO tokens and climb the ranking ladder if they win. At the end of the PvP season, there will be one PvP season per month, players will receive different awards according to their ranks on the leaderboard.
Rewards can be several things like EVO tokens, Evos, tournament tickets, raid tickets, cosmetics, clothes, etc. We will announce the season rewards at the beginning of each season.
Following the launch of the game, we have only one battle mode, although we will announce new battle modes as we progress in the development of the project.
At the end of each individual season, the top players will be added to a list. At the end of the final season of the year, we will celebrate our annual world championship. Here, every player on the list will battle to determine who is the best Evo trainer in the world.
In that world championship, prizes will be way bigger than at the normal end of the season, and we will partner with different e-sports organizations, YouTubers, and streamers to make this a huge international event.


We have mentioned above the special tournament invitation we will award to the top players on each PvP season.
But there are other tournament types as well:

Special Tournaments

We may celebrate special events with special tournaments. These tournaments might have some special conditions like a tournament with Evos of just one type or similar things.
To be apart of those tournaments and earn their rewards, you will need to use tournament tickets which can be traded between players and can also be earned as rewards in Story mode and PvP.

Other Tournaments

We may also engage in partnerships with other games or companies to celebrate special tournaments. In these tournaments, the idea is that we provide the platform, and they provide the prizes.
We will do this kind of event only when we can guarantee it will be an interesting and fun for our players!