Player Assets

There will be multiple NFT assets available for purchase. The ones planned for release are:
  • Evos
  • Houses
  • Lands
  • Businesses
  • Items such as Furniture, Clothing, and cosmetics both for both the player and for their Evos


Finantes, a phase 1 bug type Evo
Evos are creatures with special powers that live in the EvoVerses world. Their origin and lore are complicated but interested readers can investigate this in the Story mode section of this whitepaper. However, one thing is guaranteed whether it is helping build, rescuing individuals, or entertaining in famous Evo battles, they are integral to the ecosphere. Evos are literally, all over the world!
Players will be able to buy, sell, rent, auction, sponsor and breed the Evos, both in-game and on the website.
In the story mode there will be random wild Evos around the world. Players will have the ability to catch them, but they will not be added to your Evos collection, instead they will be sent to the EvoNucleus, a building to take care of Evos in every city, and you will be rewarded with genetic material.
You can use that genetic material to level up and evolve Evos of the same or compatible types. So, if you really want to improve your team, you will need to go out in the wild to catch Evos or purchase genetic material from other players!


One of the modes we are launching is the social mode. Within this, players will be able to purchase and own homes. There will be benefits from owning a house, such as entertaining friends or meeting new people.
There will also be additional benefits from having a house, such as the ability to decorate it according to your taste. As a house also has space, objects can be placed inside there, negating the need to have extra inventory storage. In addition, services will be able to be directly accessed from a house.


The entire map is divided into smaller regions called lands. When a user owns a land, they will earn a fee from all purchases other players make inside that region including from business transactions!
There will also be some extra perks you receive when on your land such as reduced fees for services inside that zone. Players may notice their speed or general luck increases, which may help with catching wild Evos.


To battle and travel across the world, every player will need to purchase necessary items to do so. Therefore, there will be businesses selling items such as potions across the EvoVerses map.
Users will be able to purchase and sell those businesses, although they will not have to worry about managing the stores, as they are managed by NPCs.
Owners of businesses only earn benefits from those stores, but they will be unable to change prices or products sold there. We have deliberately set that rule to avoid players manipulating the market in-game and charging unfair or exorbitant prices to other players.
However, business owners will earn a fee for every purchase made in the stores, which will provide a passive source of income.

Furniture, clothing, cosmetics, and other items for the players and Evos

The above is the final asset class that players can own and trade. As previously mentioned, items will be made available such as potions and objects to boost the Evos’ stats. Also, for sale, there will be clothes, and cosmetics both for the player and their Evos, as well as furniture for their houses.