Validator Support Program

This is temporarly paused since we moved out Harmony ONE. We might restart the program soon for Avalanche.
Since Harmony One is the core blockchain for our project, we want to give back to the network.
That is why after we launch the initial DeFi tools, we will get ready to launch the Validator Support Program.
As you may know, delegating is important to increase the decentralization of the network. When someone delegates part of their ONE to the validators, they will get a part of the rewards the validator receives.
The main issue is unelected validators don't produce rewards, so they tend to have less visibility, and in turn receive less delegations on average.
To solve that issue and incentivize people to delegate to unelected / small validators, we will launch the Validator Support Program, where we will reward the users delegating to those small validators with EvoVerses ecosystem rewards.