As you will know from reading this Whitepaper, the team is determined to reach non-crypto gamers.
Obviously, they will not have a lot of in-depth knowledge about crypto. Consequently, if you mention concepts like DEX’s and start talking about farming LP tokens, impermanent loss, slippage, etc., it is likely they will feel overwhelmed and frustrated.
That is why one of the fundamental strategies of the team is to launch an Academy to educate users about crypto. There will be several places to share the content, but the team will be focusing on the following:
  • Blog, with updates covering the latest news in the crypto world, but explained easily, so anyone can understand them without needing to have prior knowledge.
  • A community developed fandom Wiki (available at, as well as a GitBook where there will be an explanation of all the important terms and their uses like how to create a MetaMask account, what is IL, and how to avoid it, etc.
  • YouTube, with video content with the latest news and visual guides for the wiki
  • TikTok, to reach our younger audience, with the latest news and quick advice about crypto