The Marketplace

In-house marketplace for all things EvoVerses!
Marketplace Miguel, located in the Market, handles all of your marketplace needs
The Marketplace is classified as a "Game" Contract, and lives on the Boba Network

Listing Types

  • Fixed-Price - The most common type of listing. A fixed-price listing is one that is for a set amount of EVO and duration
  • Auction - Timed bidding! An Auction listing has you set a starting amount, and a duration. Each bid after the first must increment by a minimum of 10%, but a player can bid any amount above that to push the price up immediately.
  • Offer - Offering a player an amount of EVO for an unlisted Evo. They can choose to accept, or let it sit. Offers are only able to be accepted when an Evo is not listed, and continue on even between owners.


Listings can be set for 1, 3, 5, or 7 days. In an Auction, a bid made within the last 60 minutes will extend the auction for 60 minutes, repeating this process each bid until no offer has been made by the current end period.


  • Fixed-Price listings and Offers can be cancelled at any time prior to an accepting transaction
  • Auctions can only be cancelled prior to the first bid


All blockchain actions require a transaction! This means that any action that is not a sale-completing action will require another action.
  • When a Fixed-Price listing or Offer is accepted, the assets are transferred during that transaction, and the sale is complete
  • When an Auction completes or expires, and when a sale expires, the participating party/parties have to finalize (successful auction) or close (expired) the sale to complete it.


Marketplace Miguel takes a modest 1% fee on successful sale for facilitating. This fee is distributed as follows:
  • 50% - Team Treasury
  • 10% - Burned
  • 10% - The Director (Fee Sharing)
  • 10% - Dev Fund
  • 10% - Marketing Fund
  • 10% - Founders Fund
Example: Evonatic Evan sells his prized Moffunap for 200K EVO. Evan will reiceive 198K EVO (99%). The remaining 2K EVO (1%) is split with 1K EVO (50% of 1%) sent to the Team Treasury, 800 EVO (40% of 1% / 4) sent to the The Director, Dev Fund, Marketing Fund, and Founders Fund, and 200 EVO (10% of 1%) being burned forever.