The Manager

The Manager has the same look and feel as The Investor, but manages all things "vesting". As your vesting tokens accrue, you will be able to trade them in for EVO. Currently, the tokens managed are vEVO and cEVO.

What is vEVO?

vEVO is a 9 month time-locked vesting token for EVO sold to early investors in a private sale.

What is cEVO?

cEVO is designed to be a multipurpose token you will be able to potentially earn - not just as compensation for an issue - but also as a reward or from staking. This allows us to reward you without inflating the market with a large influx of EVO at once.

cEVO Vesting

cEVO distributions have a per-distribution unlocking rate. If you are awarded cEVO with a vesting period of 9 months, and there is a second payout with a 3 month vesting period, both will vest at their respected rate rather than the vesting periods being combined.
The cEVO that is earned from the investor acts a little differently. This cEVO will not begin to vest until Tuesday, April 18, 2023 6:35 PM GMT+14. It then will begin to vest linearly over the next year.