The Director

The Director is one of the services offered in the Bank building on our gamified website. There you will be able to deposit EVO tokens to receive xEVO shares. Then, the Director will receive fees from in-game transactions, and periodically do a market buy for more EVO tokens.
That means your xEVO shares will always be growing into more and more EVO! As an extra, every in-game transaction of EVO will deposit a percentage into the Director to further increase the rewards the xEVO holders will get!
Another benefit to hold xEVO is that to vote in our Snapshot community system, you will vote using your xEVO shares, not your EVO token.


When depositing into the bank you will receive xEVO at a ratio dependent on time of depositing. the ratio of xEVO to EVO will grow. The Director is the NPC in the bank that manages the project fees. He takes a portion of fees collected in every service offered in EvoVerses. Those fees will be shared with each player according to their share of the total deposit float. Since the number of tokens coming into this reward pool fluctuates based on transaction volume, and because each player's share fluctuates with deposits and withdrawals, the Director does not have a fixed APR.


When you want to get some of your EVO tokens from the bank, internally you return the xEVO tokens to the Director. For example, 1 xEVO could be worth 1.6 EVO. So when the xEVO is swapped, it is swapped at that rate.
No fees will be charged when withdrawing from the Director.
As we said, during the time that the player holds xEVO, fees are collected throughout the project, and the non-EVO tokens collected are swapped for EVO. Thus, the EVO multiplier of the xEVO pool grows slightly as fees continue to feed into it.
This grows the ratio between the two tokens over time. The longer they have held xEVO, the more the ratio will have increased, and therefore the more EVO they receive back when making this swap.
The difference between the amount of EVO that they deposited and the amount that they withdrew is the amount of rewarded EVO received by the player.


Since we are a decentralized organization, our objective is to let our community make the decisions to help this project grow. To do that we will use what is called governance votes.
Governance votes might determine the inclusion of a new token in incentivized pools, the retirement of a token from the pools, a policy change that impacts token holders, or even a new game mode!
When a governance vote is announced, xEVO holders can visit the governance page where they can connect their wallet, and cast a number of votes equal to the number of xEVO they hold.
This way we allow our token holders to have an active voice in decision-making!